Soft launch of Freedom of Information Portal for Malaysia

Finally, Malaysia’s first Freedom of Information (FOI) portal based on Alaveteli Platform is now open for business!

It is currently a soft launch at the moment as the challenges brought up a few months ago at #Alaveteli15 about the State of FOI in Malaysia still exist.

By law, we have Freedom of Information Enactments (FOIE) in the following two states:

However, we have also added the avenue to request for information from Public Authorities not covered by FOI in order to gauge what citizens want to know at the Federal level.

So far, two Public Authorities in Selangor are known to use their discretion in waiving the FOIE Request fees:

Stay in touch via:

If there any missing Public Authorities that are missing that you would like to get information from; do to let us know 🙂

– Happy FOI-ing!


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