Freedom of Information Portals Worldwide

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Alaveteli powers the Freedom of Information sites (including in Malaysia); in 20+ languages, in more than 26 jurisdictions.  So far, more than 315,000 requests for information has been fulfilled worldwide via this platform.

Below is a sample around the world how different countries have implemented their FOI sites using Alaveteli.

WhatDoTheyKnow (UK):

  • UK has the most matured implementation of FOI, the citizens are very engaged in the process and getting the information needed by their community
  • The Alaveteli platform was derived from this first implementation

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Ki Mit Tud (Hungary):

  • Hungary has a very transparent government; FOI rights is enshrined in their constitution, any citizen can demand information from any tax-funded body
  • AlaveteliCon Video –

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Доступ до правди (Ukraine):

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 6.23.48 PM (Australia):

  • The Australian folks have used FOI to help empower marginalized communities; such as by highlighting the Refugee Crisis –
  • Challenged and won acceptance of FOI requests via email and even Twitter!

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  • Rwanda is one of the few countries in Africa to have passed a FOI law; and has taken to leadership to take FOI requests via email, at no-charge to the requestor
  • AlaveteliCon Video:–AL5dc10

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