FOI requests

Malaysia’s FOIE site that allow citizens to keep track and share FOIE requests made and the responses for all 3 levels of government; is powered by the Alaveteli Platform; and can be accessed via:

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For a successful FOIE site implementation; the Departments need to be able to accept requests via email (which is facilitated by the Alaveteli platform) and there should NOT be any cost to submit FOIE requests.

File Requests By Departments for the 3-levels of government:

Successful request are hosted here:

Requests awaiting responses are hosted here:

Successful FOIE Requests made from 2013-August 2015 (extracted from Hansard) in SelangorFOIE Requests 2013 – August 2015

Successful FOIE Requests made from Jan 2015 – July 2015 in Penang

Notable case of FOIE Request being unreasonably rejected: (Claims by Public Servant in Course of Duty Should be Made Public)


FOIE Site Run By Sinar Project